Cleaning You Camera Like A Pro

If you have been using your DSLR camera for some time, you may notice a difference in quality of the latest photos taken with it. This is because dust, dirt and sand can easily get into the camera and cover its sensor, and begin marring your beautiful photos. The inside of your DSLR camera is a veritable dust magnet. Each time you swap lenses, you are inviting dust particles inside your camera. The electronic charge inside the camera would stimulate dust particles to be attached to the mirror, body chamber and even the camera’s sensor. This article provides a comprehensive overview of cleaning you camera like a pro.Cleaning You Camera

There is no better time to give them a clean than the spring time. A DSLR camera will mostly be used during summertime. Hence, it should be cleaned and ready for optimal functioning during such time. This is why it is important that you clean the camera before summer arrives. Hence, the best time to do it is spring time. When cleaning something like a delicate photographic kit, it is important that you remove the dirt or grit with an air blower or small brush. This is the first thing that should be done before using any cloth or tissue. It will help avoid dirt being trapped in the cloth, and scratch the surface of your camera. It is extremely important that you clean the camera in a safe and efficient manner since you have paid good money to purchase it. This is why it is important to maintain the camera in good condition in order to extend the lifespan of it. Here are some important steps that you should take when cleaning you camera like a pro.

If you are using compressed gas aerosols to clean the camera, it should be done with utmost care. They should be held in a perfectly upright position at all times. If not, the spray can contain propellant which can damage the lens. Also, the high pressure can be difficult to control at times. It is best to try a blower like Giottos Rocket-air blower or just use a soft brush for the cleaning process. Never put the cleaning solution on the lens directly. Always put it on the cleaning cloth or tissue. Make sure you use the cleaning solution sparingly. This will help prevent the excess liquid from getting into the camera lens, which may cause catastrophic results. If you have been on the beach or a sandy place, it is essential that you give a thorough clean up to your camera bag, too. If not, all your hard work in cleaning the camera will be wasted.

When you are cleaning the body of the camera, you need to have the lens attached to it. If not, dust and dirt particles can escape into the camera. First remove the dust or dirt from outside the camera and the lens. Use a soft brush for this purpose. Pay close attention to some of the inaccessible areas like the memory card slot where most of the dust can get accumulated. Once the outside of your camera is cleaned, turn your attention to the viewfinder. Remove the rubber eye-cup and brush off any dust in a gentle manner. Thereafter, use a soft cloth or tissue to carefully clean the glass of the viewfinder. Do not use the same cloth that you used to clean the lens and outside the camera.

Next, you need to switch to the screen. LCD screens are usually covered with dust. Use another piece of cloth or tissue to clean the LCD screen of the camera. You should also clean the screen protector. The lens filter should be cleaned thereafter. Use a brush or blower to remove the dirt and grit first. Then, use a small amount of lens cleaning fluid on a clean cloth or tissue to clean the lens. Gently wipe the surface of the lens or filter. Use a dry piece of cloth or tissue to wipe off any remaining residue from the lens.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of cleaning you camera like a pro. It will definitely help prolong the lifespan of your DSLR camera.

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Camera Photography Cleaning Your SLR Camera Like a Pro

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