Tricks And Tips Of Taking Photos In The Rain

Taking Photos In The Rain

Rain and photo shoots are two terms not commonly used in the same sentence. There are so many deterrents of taking photos in the rain that many photographers, professional and amateurs alike cannot fathom in the slightest bit why one would consider venturing into such wet conditions to take photos.

However, think about it for a second. The world is a totally new scene under rainy conditions. One landscape has the potential of changing to a million scenes by just adding falling rains water to the mix. In essence, it is a new world but the same features.Taking Photos In The Rain

If you are among the bold photographers, whose purpose in life is to explore at every opportunity, the next time it pours, you better think of grabbing you camera and start shooting.  You will be amazed at the spectrum of emotions, colors and purity of the magical scene you will capture. There cannot be a more exciting experiment in photography than this.

That being said, it is important for you to appreciate the amount as well as the difficulty of logistics that are involved in this particular endeavor. It simply does not involve picking up you gear and soaking yourself in the rain and thereafter taking photos in the rain. No! Intricate preparations must be done to ensure that your venture into this new world of photography is safe (in terms of personal safety and gear safety), successful and most importantly fruitful.

Preparing For A Shoot In The Rain

There are many reasons that may lead you to result to photography in the rain. However, preparations are more or less the same in as far as protecting your gear is concerned. You will need to have the taken steps prior to the actual shoot. Among such steps is to bring along with you the right kind of protective gear for you camera, which includes;


This will provide the first of the many layers of protection to your camera gear that you need. Simply, they protect your camera from soaking in the rain. Depending on the size, various cameras can suffice to shelter you for a period of time from the weather element, especially wind and the actual rain.
How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

Raincoat For Your Camera

This will provide secondary protection from weather elements when gusts blow the umbrellas away from the right position (over the camera), exposing your gear to soaking downpour.

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Taking Photos In The Rain

Hand Towels

While working in the rain, there is a potential of your hands coming in contact with water. This can make handling equipment very difficult, especially the camera that needs to be kept dry at all times. Hand towels will remedy such situations, making it safe to handle your camera.

Packaging That is Moisture Absorbent

This will come in handy particularly when transporting your gear. Absorbent material such as silica gel absorbs the moisture around the camera and prevent condensation from taking place in and around the camera.

Any other gear that may be necessary to include in this list is any personal protective gear that you feel will suffice to protect you while taking photos in the rain but at the same they should not hamper you.

Actual Photography In The Rain

In order to get the pictures right in the rain, special techniques are required. Do keep in mind that rain can dampen the hue of some colors and thus make things appear quite dull. Additionally, rain can both reflect and absorb light. This is a particularly important point to take note of as there can be a difficulty of capturing the rain itself.
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Searching For Backlight

This is the best way to ensure that you capture rain as it falls. Having another source of light in front of you illuminate your scene works perfectly in aiding the capture of rain drops.


This is another way of producing beautiful pictures that point to the presence of rain. Capturing reflective surfaces such as green vegetation that is soaked in rainwater or pools of water will help to create beautiful pictures.

Setting Shutter Speed

If capturing the raindrops is of interest to you, it is best to set the shutter speed of your camera to as fast as possible. However, experiment with different shutter speeds to get the perfect picture to your satisfaction.

The final way of creating an aura of rain capturing the elements associated with rain. For instance, capturing people soaked in water or under umbrella shade and with it, their emotions.


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Reasons Why Everyone Should Use that AF-On Autofocus Button

Reasons Why Everyone Should Use that AF-On Autofocus Button


Photography is practiced for varying reasons. Either for leisure, business or any other reason, getting quality shots remains the key factor in the undertaking.  AF-On button is among the latest technological advances in the field that enhances focusing on moving objects. This makes it an ideal choice for wildlife and sports photographers who require constant shots on objects in motion.

The reasons why everyone should use that AF-On autofocus are many. With cameras being used on different platform, there is need to embrace a camera that comes with AF-On button. The button is located on the back side of the camera with clear usage settings made available on the LCD screen. Among the benefits the come with the button use includes the following:Getting The Perfect Shot

Ease in Shooting Moving Objects

Game and sports photographers get a rough time getting the right image. Unpredictable moves make it harder to capture the desired images. This button allows to focus on the moving objects and shoot the desired incidences without the option of missing out on any event.
Traditional cameras needed refocusing every time the object or the photographer moved. However, in using this new feature, this is no longer required. Focus on the object is always constant irrespective of the movements that may arise. This acts as an ideal feature that will allow the photographer to capture the best and most important moments.

Fast and Speedy Shots

AF-On button allows the focus to lock on the object even when it is in motion. In this way, chances of wasting time trying to get the right focus are avoided. More to this it also allows the photographer to get more shots within a short period of time.  No time is lost focusing when the object moves from one spot to the other.
When shooting photos of moving objects, it is impossible to tell when the best moment will arise. Capturing multiple shots is the only deal way to ensure that an outstanding instance in the game can be captured. With the auto-focus locked, the photographer can take multiple shots as the object moves and then choose the best of the captured shots.

Extended Battery Life

Another great reason on why everyone should use that AF-On autofocus is that it extends the battery-life. This is through the fact that constant focusing involves engagement of the vibration reduction system.  With this enhancement, there is no need to keep focusing meaning battery usage is reduced effectively.
This makes a perfect choice for game and sport photographers who need to have their cameras running for long.  Such photographers will require to keep their cameras running for the entire period of the game.

Reduction of Shooter’s Fatigue

Long period of photo shooting causes fatigue to the photographers. Having to shift focus, press the shutter and seek for the best moment for a shot. All these are the moments that a photographer will have to ensure. However with AF-On button, the focus is always set and this means that the photographer only needs to have the fingers on the shutter waiting for the right moment for a shot.

Getting The Perfect Shot

Combined Focus Settings

AF-On button comes with continuous settings. They allow the photographer to combine multiple focusing features without the need to maneuver through various buttons on the camera. Getting portraits and detail shots is also enhanced when this feature is activated.



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With many asking why everyone should use that AF-On autofocus button, it is apparent that it offers a perfect experience in photography. It gives the users an opportunity to work with ease while capturing the best moments and events. The button is available in most of camera models and its usage is similar and the results as well.

Full Frame Vs. Crop Frame Cameras

Full Frame or Crop Frame Camera, You Tell Me!

Getting a new camera is exciting, but the variations present on the market can leave you wishing you had a little bit of assistance along the way. If you are in this position, you are going to know the question concerning full frame vs crop frame cameras. Which one should you be going with? Let’s take a glance at what the cameras are all about before you go ahead and make a final decision as to which one is the right option for you and your needs. This will ensure you are on the right path and do love the camera you go with.

Full Frame

The full frame camera is designed to have a sensor sized at 24mm x 36mm. This is common on most cameras of this kind. The reason people prefer to go with these cameras is the power they have to offer. The quality of the images being taken are going to be hard to match with any other choice you might have in front of you. The finishing is truly remarkable with full frame options. Full Frame or Crop Frame Camera

The high ISO performance is a plus point as well and begins to show its quality as time goes on and you take more and more photos. People love the value of this high ISO performance and how it is able to gauge details as needed.

Let’s assume you are going to be doing a lot of ‘wide angle’ photography, it is a no brainer to go with the full frame option. It is simply going to provide the better shots for such an angle. There is no reason to consider any other choice as it is just not going to jive like a full frame sensor at its peak. This is the value of going with the full frame choice.

So, what are the cons then? It sounds like a great option right? Well, the cons come in the form of size. These are larger cameras and might not make sense for those who are aiming to lug it around from place to place. These cameras are also more expensive, which can take a toll on one’s budget. It is best to make sure the camera is affordable for those who are trying to get good performance along with cost-efficiency.

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Crop Frame

Let’s move onto the crop frame option. What does this bring? It is going to bring with it good quality, but the price point is going to be far lower as well. This is key for those on a tight budget. Plus, the crop frame is going to make it easier to move around as these cameras are far more portable in comparison to regular options you might have in front of you.Full Frame or Crop Frame Camera

Those who are just going to be taking photos of wildlife might want to go with the crop frame as it is going to be easier to handle. Taking photos such as this with moving objects requires easier movement and therefore crop frame cameras do the trick.

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Both cameras have their plus points and negatives, but you have to make sure the right reasons are used for the purchase being made. Those who are not careful will never find the right fit and that can be frustrating to say the least. If you don’t care for the budget or the size, you have to go with the full frame, but for those who do care, you should be taking a look at what the crop frame brings to the table. Sit down and list out what you are looking for before making a choice.