Great Tips On Taking Children’s Photographs

For a lot of people taking pictures is something they really enjoy, and the thrill of the perfect photo is to die for. Some of the best, most exciting photos are of small children, just being themselves exploring the world around. There are a few things you can do to get better photos, so here are some children’s photography tips you can use.Great Tips On Taking Children's Photographs

Take Hundreds Of Photos Not Just Ten

One of the secrets of being a great child photographer isn’t always being the best at catching the best shot, no, they take hundreds or even thousands of photos, then delete the ones they don’t like. But by taking hundreds of photos you’ll find that you catch just the right shot far more often than if you try to take one great photo.

With today’s digital cameras it’s even easier than in the past, imagine getting hundreds of photos developed and then throwing 2/3  of them away? I didn’t think so, but with a digital camera, you can easily sort through them on your computer and delete the bad or repetitive photos with just a click.

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Have Some Props That Keep Kids Excited

There are certain props that really get kids of a certain age all excited and smiling big. One of those is bubbles. You can buy a small bubble-maker that will fill a room with bubbles then photograph the child chasing them for at least an hour. If they’re a little bit older, then give them the bubble wand and have them make their own, it’s priceless.

Balloons are also a great diversion toy that helps them forget you’re taking pictures. They’ll chase a balloon for hours creating many great shots. And don’t forget the clown glasses, clown faces and other wacky fun props that will get kids running around and being themselves.

For Infants A Squeaky Toy Or Rattle Helps

When you’re trying to photograph an infant it can sometimes be difficult to get them to smile. But, by taking a noisy squeak toy and bringing it to the tip of their nose and pulling away quickly you can nearly always get a good laugh. You should also try a feather to tickle their nose, those can be some of the most precious photos you’ll ever see.

For infants it’s sometimes better to have a tripod with remote so you can tickle the nose, jump out of the way, and snap the photo remotely. If not, an assistant that knows how to get a laugh can be a great asset to have.

Smiles And Laughs Are Great But Not Needed

Great Tips On Taking Children's PhotographsThere are many different types of great photos and not all of them have to be all smiles. Some kids are precious with a frown, yawn, scowl, or even crying.  By getting a wide selection of photos you’ll have a better overall composite of how a child really is when you look back in several years.

Taking children’s photos is one of the most fun you can have as an adult. Kids are cute, unpredictable, and precious in all kinds of ways. Just remember to take at least three times as many photos as you think is needed then delete the ones you don’t want.

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