Killer Pro Photography Tips For A Beginner

Even though it seems easy to take control of a DSLR camera in less time compared to a traditional camera, there are some skills that come only with experience. Sometimes, it can take years for a newbie photographer to develop these skills. Also, not all pro photographers like to share their tricks with an amateur photographer. Here are some of the most important killer pro photography tips for a beginner to take his or her photography to the next level. Killer Pro Photography Tips For A Beginner

Using Full Stops For ISO – Usually, a photographer would increase the ISO to enable faster shutter speeds for sharper images. Sometimes, this is done in order to use a smaller aperture for a given shutter speed. DSLRs offer control over the shutter speed in 1/2 or 1/3 stops. But you need to do it quickly to get the best results. In fact, adjusting the ISO in smaller increments can eventually slow down the entire process. Beginner cameras allow to adjust the ISO in full stops by default. But the more advanced cameras allow you to adjust it via a custom function. It is better to activate this option when you require to work quickly.

Less Is More – Photographers shooting in dangerous situations will have to move about quickly. Hence, the equipment should be easy to carry and lightweight. This is why a photographer has to make concise choices when it comes to the lens and other equipment. It will benefit the photographer if he or she carries only the essential equipment in such situations. A professional photographer would usually carry two lenses such as a 35mm and a telephoto zoom of 70-200mm.

Choosing The Right Apps – There are a number of photography apps available for Android and Apple devices. The Photographer’s Ephemeris is one of the most important apps that every nature photographer must own. It gives the photographers satellite views of their location. It is a must for setting up a shoot. This is another one of the killer pro photography tips for the beginner.

Velcro The Remote Shutter Release – If you plan to shoot from a tripod, the remote shutter release is a must. It is important to attach an industrial strength piece of Velcro to the top of the tripod leg and the back of the remote. This  will always let you know where the remote is, and it will be close at hand. This is important to get a good shot when the light is changing fast.
Killer Pro Photography Tips

Never Let The Camera’s Screen Confuse You – Most photographers are used to check the shot’s results in their camera’s LCD screen. But this behavior can betray you sometimes. Most images are shot in lighting conditions where the screen does not represent tonal details of the shot. Specially, the shadows are not reflected properly under such conditions. The surrounding darkness or lights will usually create a sensation of incorrect exposure. The photographer may instantly adjust the controls to make the scene lighter. This should be done with utmost care as this action can expose the image more than necessary.

Before starting to shoot with the DSLR camera, it is important to change the factory settings of the camera. Set the saturation, sharpness, contrast and tonal adjustments to your references. Getting used to adjusting these settings to match each situation will help improve your photographic skills in the long run.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of killer pro photography tips for a beginner photographer. It will help a complete newbie to tremendously improve his or her photographic skills.

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KILLER Photography Tips to Shoot Like a PRO Photographer #1 - KILLER Photography Tips to Shoot Like a PRO #1

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