Various Cute Selfie Ideas

Various cute selfie ideas that you could use to ensure that you have taken the best selfie

Cute selfie ideas- Various cute selfie ideas that you could use to ensure that you have taken the best selfie
Learning how to pose while taking a selfie will help you in obtaining the best images while taking photographs using your camera. The selfies have become common and everyone is looking forward to obtaining the best selfie so thatcute selfie ideas they can share with their friends in the various existing social media accounts. Therefore, it is important that one learns the various existing selfie ideas that will help them in obtaining the best selfie for use in the various activities.

If you searched for #selfie on Instagram, you would find a result of over 123000000 pictures available in the history search. This indicates that there are a lot of people who are taking selfies and you, therefore, have to take your time and realize certain important selfie ideas. This article will help you in learning various important ways that you could take a selfie using the right posing tips hence avoiding struggles while taking the photos.

You could ditch your face and make your feet do the talking

People tend to think that a selfie is a picture of their face. However, this is not the case. A selfie is a picture that shows any part of you. One of the body parts that will speak a lot about you apart from the face is your feet. The feet are very important while taking photos especially if you have acquired a new pair of shoes. You may also shoot a photo to show your new bracelets. While taking the next selfie, challenge yourself and ditch the face to try and expose any other body part.

Learn to crop in tight

One of the challenges that are encountered while taking selfies is the fact that it becomes difficult for people to avoid taking a picture of the activities that are usually happening in the background. Therefore, you should learn to crop these features and leave the important ones in your selfie. Also, as you take your selfie you may bring the camera close to your face such that you are able to concentrate on the features that are close to you and you leave all the other features that are away from your field. This will give you a good experience while taking your selfies. Zooming also plays quite a great role in these processes.

The rule of the thirds in selfies

This rule is a very is very important and a lot of photographers tend to forget this rule. Generally, you want your selfie to be compelling and attractive. You should, therefore, identify the various best things to do so as to ensure that you have applied the rule of the thirds. This rule basically encourages individuals not to put their faces at the middle of the photo. You do not want your selfie to resemble the driver`s license photos. Therefore, you should try and position your face at least at one corner where you can make your selfie to look stylish.

Show yourself in water

Taking a selfie while having a water background is important since you will have the chance to decorate your selfie and also makeit to look extraordinary from the rest that you had taken before. Float on your back while in the pool and then shoot directly at your face. You should be careful and ensure that you do not drop your phone. Take a photo of yourself framed in bubbles and everyone will surely love it. cute selfie ideas
The above selfie ideas will give you a chance of enjoying a good selfie and all your friends will love it.
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